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Hi there, I’m Doctor Rach! I am the creator of KidzShake, mother of four daughters, yogi, cross fitter and lover of dark chocolate. I’m Australian currently living in Sydney, Australia but I also belong in the mountains of Utah.


I am on a mission to provide my girls with the healthiest options out there without spending all of my time and money in the kitchen. That’s why KidzShake is perfect! KidzShake is easy nutrition for all parents who are trying to give their kids the the BEST NUTRITION while trying to fit everything else into their schedule!


For breakfast, you can replace sugary cereals with a delicious and nutritious KidzShake! You can do the same for snacks – replacing potato chips or a cookie with a nutrient rich KidzShake!


KidzShake is a healthy snack that can boost the nutritional intake of everyone in the family….especially picky eaters.


Make sure you check out my blog for tips on healthy parenting and the recipes for loads of fun ideas on how to use Kidzshake to make THE BEST SMOOTHIES and SNACKS.


All the best for your healthy family goals!



“As a doctor and a mother, I couldn’t think of a better and easier product for my children. KidzShake gives kids all the vitamins and nutrients they need in one easy and delicious shake. By using KidzShake for breakfast and as an afternoon snack, I can significantly reduce my kids’ sugar intake and improve their health.”

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