Life is a bit crazy now, isn’t it? We are all at home, doing our best to stay sane while inside. Whether you’re not allowed to go outside or the weather has not been very nice to you, we know how easy it is to get especially antsy during these times–not to mention maybe a bit more frustrated, too? We are out of our normal routine, we can’t “get away” very easily, and we’re all just trying to cooperate with every member of the family. We’re also trying to think of a million ways to entertain our little ones while also keeping them active inside. So that’s why we decided to put together a list of some fun indoor activities to get those ants out of our pants, if you get what we mean. 


Dance parties are a great way to get everyone happy and provide some fun exercise during the day. Create a Spotify playlist with your family’s favorite songs. Make it even more fun by dressing up! 60’s dance party, anyone? 


This is a fun and exciting game where when someone yells out “LAVA floor!” then everyone must find a place to perch off the floor. You could hop on the couch, chairs, pillows, blankets, etc. 


Create fun events for your own family-friendly competition. They can be silly like, who can hop on one foot the longest, to how many jumping jacks can you do in one minute? Or create a little obstacle course with pillows and chairs. You could also do the classic egg-on-the-spoon race or create a rendition of the classic pin- the-tail-on-the-donkey game. Get creative and just have fun! 


Choreograph a dance! Have each member of the family choreograph a different piece of the same song. Then come together and share each other’s piece of the dance. I’m sure this dance will be one-of-a-kind! Videotape your whole family dancing to the song so you can all laugh about it later and remember that fun time! 


Keep your kids moving, flowing and feeling peaceful. Try to schedule in some family yoga time. Mid-afternoon is usually a great time as kids tend to get more antsy throughout the day. YouTube has some amazing yoga videos specifically targeted at kids and families. 


…with cups! Set up your own mini bowling alley by arranging reusable cups in the shape of a pyramid. See who can knock the most down with a soft ball! (If you don’t have a soft ball, a stuffed animal could also work!) 


Have the classic JENGA game? Use a pencil to write down a fun workout move on each JENGA block. (If you don’t want to actually write on the blocks, then just write a list.) Set up the tower and play the game as usual, but every time a block is pulled out, every player has to do the specific exercise move. If the tower falls, do the plank for 30 seconds. Fun exercise moves could be: 10 jumping jacks, 5 squats, one pushup, ten mountain climbers, etc. And if you don’t have JENGA, this could work with any fun board game. Get creative! 


This game is sure to get the giggles going! Have your kids walk like crabs, moving forward, backward or sideways with their hands and feet on the floor and their stomach facing up. Can your kids walk around the entire house like a crab? How fast can they walk? You can even try having them balance items, such as plastic bowls or cups and lightweight toys on their tummies! 


We hope you got some fun ideas for keeping your kids active and happy while staying at home. And don’t forget that laughter is not only a great mood booster, but a nice core workout itself! 


Written by Gelsey Plaza




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