Proper Nutrition is essential to support optimal growth and development.  Good nutrition can also support immune function, concentration and moods.

It’s not always easy to get our kids to eat that perfectly balanced diet, especially if you have picky eaters or athletic kids.

KidzShake uses premium ingredients, to help you fill those nutrition gaps….without all the sugar and chemical overload.  NUTRITION MATTERS!

Now we have increased our product line to include KidzShake PLUS

– New IMPROVED Flavors

rBGH Free Whey

– Gluten and Soy Free

– Daily Multivitamin

Methylated B12 + Methylated Folate

– No added sugar, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols

NEW Superfood Boost

– 1 Billion CFU Probiotics- 14 strains

SportzPure is a stick pack, sports electrolyte recovery drink (like Gatorade) but  without the excessive amount of sugar and artificial ingredients.  I have a simple ingredient list, with just enough carbohydrates to support performance without the sugar overload.


The electrolytes are provided by nature:  coconut water powder and Real Salt.  Fruit juice powder, coconut palm sugar and stevia are added for flavor and sweetness. SportzPURE is 100% GMO free, gluten free and soy free and it tastes DELICIOUS!

SportzPURE is sweetened with fruit juice powder, coconut palm sugar and stevia and contains just enough carbohydrates to support performance without the sugar overload.

Healthy bodies do not need to be fueled by artificial ingredients. SportzPURE contains no GMO Ingredients and no artificial colors and flavors.

SportzPURE is gluten free, corn free, nut free and soy free. SportzPure does contain coconut products

I have harnessed electrolytes from nature instead of a lab to boost athletic performance NATURALLY.  SportzPURE uses electrolytes from coconut water powder and Redmond’s Real Salt TM.


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