Just because we are all stuck at home, it doesn’t mean that we can’t have a fun Easter! There are many fun activities we can do with our family to still celebrate Easter and Spring–and of course the Easter bunny, too. So we put together a list of some fun indoor activities that will sure put a smile on our kids’ faces and bring the spirit of Easter to our home. 


  1. Egg and Spoon Race: Remember this old-time classic game? Did you know that the egg and spoon races date back to the late 1800s? And all you need are eggs (hard-boiled for sure, you’ll thank us later!) and metal or wooden spoons for each participant. Race individually or relay-style. (And no need to fear wasting food, as you can still eat the egg!) 
  2. Guess how many jelly beans in the jar: This is a fun guessing game for the whole family. And you can fill the jar with anything, such as cereal, chocolate chips, paper clips, hair ties, etc. 
  3. (If possible), plant flowers: Easter symbolizes rebirth, so what better day to plant some tulips or daffodils with your budding gardener? You can plant them indoors anytime of year, or buy flowers already in bloom and transplant them outdoors on Easter.
  4. Chocolate Fondue: A special day calls for a special dessert! Melt chocolate chips, or any chocolate bars, chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs you may have, and dip your favorite chocolate loving foods! We love strawberries, bananas and marshmallows. 
  5. Get Crafty: Brighten up your house with some spring and summer-y crafts. This can be as simple as painting or coloring pictures on printer paper to painting hard boiled eggs for fun. See what you have on hand and get creative. Check this site for free printable puzzles and coloring pages! 
  6. Create a Gift Basket for each other: Put together your own fun and cute Easter goodie bag for each member of the family. You can use a cute designed gift bag (like the ones you put birthday gifts in), or decorate your own from a brown paper bag using markers, stickers, craft paper, etc. Get imaginative with the contents to make this activity fun and meaningful. For example, you could fill plastic Easter eggs with nice notes that say things like, “You’re egg-cellent!” and “Sweetest little sister/brother ever.” 
  7. Indoor Easter Egg Hunt: You can still have a fun indoor Easter egg hunt! And if you couldn’t get the traditional plastic Easter eggs, you can hide anything. Your kids will have fun trying to find whatever you may have hidden. You could play “hide-and-seek” with your kids’ stuffed animals, favorite books, or their shoes!  
  8. Create your own Corn Hole Toss Game: If you don’t have tiny bean bags, you could use small stuffed animals, markers/pens, or tennis or ping pong balls. You could also make your own bean bags by putting some dry rice in little baggies. Get creative and use gift bags, buckets or Easter baskets as the ‘hole’. 
  9. Easter eggs-ercises: Fill plastic eggs (or can put in a jar) with activities and physical challenges for your little ones to complete. Some fun ideas you could write are: 7 bunny hops, 10 jackrabbit jumping jacks, 5 baby bunny pushups, touch your toes 10 times, walk like a crab for one minute, and stand on one leg for a minute  
  10. Easter Bingo: Check out this blog post to download free printable Easter bingo cards for your family to play! 

Written by Gelsey Plaza




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