Give your child the gift of green this year! Teach them about saving the environment with gifts that are both fun and eco-friendly. We put together a list of some environmentally friendly holiday gift ideas, in hopes that these special gifts will inspire you and your family to better care for and appreciate our planet. Let’s remember that there is no Planet B! What we stand for is what we stand on. Time to make the holidays more green for you and me. 


So how can your child help keep the Earth clean? Rana DiOrio’s book “What Does it Mean to be Green?” offers insight to help kids understand how everyday tasks can help protect our planet’s natural resources. With colorful illustrations and cute characters, this book sends a powerful message to both kids and adults. Some other fun books that talk about sustainability and acting green are: “Not for me, please!: I choose to act green”, “What a Waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting our Planet” and “Don’t Throw That Away!” 


Do your kids love arts and crafts? Well make some eco-friendly art! This Ecoart! book will get your kids creative while learning about the environment. All the projects use recyclable, reusable, household materials and/or items found in nature. 


Give the gift of plants! I don’t know about you, but we love succulents! Not only are succulents cute and pretty, but there are also some amazing benefits of growing succulents in your home. First of all, succulents brighten your home in any climate. They will not only add green to your living space any time of the year, but they will also bloom in season, thereby adding some nice natural color to your home. Some other benefits of succulents include: helps purify the air, improves the humidity of your home, adds fresh oxygen to your environment, helps improve your focus, and enhances your memory ( There are so many kinds of succulents as well as styles and shapes of pots.  You could also buy a plain pot so your kids could paint it! 


Skip a straw, save a turtle! Use reusable straws, such as bamboo ones. Don’t forget to drink your favorite Kidzshake smoothies with your new reusable straw! 


Adopt an endangered animal through the World Wildlife Fund. The World Wildlife Fund offers dozens of endangered animal adoption kits, from lions to Komodo dragons to rockhopper penguins. This is a great way to support your child’s love for a specific animal, or get them interested in a new one. 


Get your kids a National Geographic Kids subscription. Perfect for kids ages 6 and up, each issue is packed with stories about wildlife, science, technology, popular culture, and more articles designed to keep kids reading, thinking, learning and having fun. 


Nothing like a handmade gift, am I right? Something we love to do is transform bottles and tins into special gift packaging with a custom handmade label. All you need is a little white paper and some creativity. Bottles, tins and mason jars are perfect for storing jewelry, pencils, paper clips, hair accessories, tiny toys, craft supplies, flowers, etc. The options are endless. 


Looking for more zero-waste gift ideas? Biome offers some incredible zero-waste, toxin-free and ethical products.  


And last, but not least, wrapping the gifts! Buying and using more and more wrapping paper and gift bags…what do you think?? Not very green or eco-friendly. So take a step further with being green for the holidays and wrap your gifts in pretty cloth towels or even fuzzy blankets. In other words, use what you already have and reuse as much as possible. Save paper shopping bags from stores, as cut-up brown bags make wonderful wrapping paper. A little bow, a picture, or a hand-written message on a brown box goes a long way. You know what else makes some nice wrapping paper? Newspaper! Use either the comics section with a simple bow or just the printed newspaper (no color or ads) for the classiest look. Another eco-friendly idea for a gift bag is to use a reusable shopping bag! Reusable bags come in all sorts of colors, patterns and designs. Also, containers, such as small tupperware, are great for jewelry, and bottles and tins are great for packaging edible gifts. 


Have fun shopping this holiday season! But remember to shop with our beautiful Earth in mind. Choose to shop green this coming holiday season. Let us show more love and respect for our planet. 



Written by Gelsey Plaza





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