We know that this Halloween may be looking a bit different for you this year! Whether your kids will be trick-o-treating or not, school Halloween carnivals are definitely a no-no, and it’s less likely that you’ll have friends gathering for that annual Halloween pre-trick-o-treating party. However, Halloween is in no way cancelled this year, and there are still plenty of fun Halloween games that you can play at home with the family! Spooky season is upon us, so we put together a lil list of some fun, easy and DIY Halloween games and projects. Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Marshmallow Toss Game is a simple and fun game that really just requires marshmallows and cups, although you can get more creative with decorating your cups into ghosts or goblins. The smaller the cups and tinier the marshmallows, the harder it is to get your marshmallows into the cups! 
  2. Pin the Tail on the Black Cat! You can never go wrong with “pin the tail” type games. And there are many variations of these on Amazon. 
  3. Halloween Bingo is always a hit! You can find tons of free printable Halloween Bingo cards online, or you can purchase some fairly inexpensive sets off of Amazon such as these. It’s fun to cover your board with candy corn or mini chocolate kisses. 
  4. Candy Guessing Game. Fill up a container/jar with candy (candy corn is always a great option!) and have your kids guess how many are in there! Careful, as kids like to get competitive with this one! 
  5. Halloween Charades! Such a simple yet fun game, Halloween-inspired. You can act as a pumpkin, an apple, a witch, a cat, a ghost–see how creative you can get! Grab a free Halloween charades printable here
  6. DIY Treat Bag Decorating Station because we love getting crafty over here and you can add whatever you want in it! You can find tons of paper bags and stickers for your kids to make their own lil treat bags. 
  7. These adorable Halloween Make-a-face sticker sheets are fun for the whole fam! 
  8. Witches Hat Ring Toss! Make your own Ring Toss game or find a similar game for sale on Amazon, such as here
  9. Pumpkin Mini Golf is one of my faves! All you need is a huge carvable pumpkin, a piece of cardstock and a lil golfer set like this. Get the ball into the jack-o-lantern’s mouth! 
  10. Pumpkin Decorating Station. Of course we can’t do Halloween without decorating some pumpkins! If your littles are still too young to carve their pumpkins, it’s also super fun to paint and add stickers and embellishments to them! Or, have your kids draw a picture on paper of how they want their jack-o-lantern to look, and then, well, it’s up to you to create that design for them! Because kids love taking out all the pumpkin guts! And don’t forget to toast up those yummy pumpkin seeds! 
  11. Decorating cookies is always a joy! You know we love decorating some spooky cookies. Grab your pumpkin, ghost and witch cookie molds and get baking. Here’s a stainless steel Halloween cookie cutter set we love. I’m sure your local grocery stores or Target will have plenty of Halloween sprinkles and candies to decorate your cookies. 


Don’t forget that Amazon does have lots of fun Halloween game sets, such as this fun eyeball relay race toy set. Of course, it’s easy to make your own DIY spoon relay race set at home, too! We love looking at Amazon for inspiration, as many games you can make yourself. 


Also, don’t forget those Halloween-inspired baked goods. We have lots of pumpkin recipes on the blog, but I’ll share some of our faves right here! 

And check out these 50+ Healthy and Festive Halloween Kids Food Ideas! 


Have fun this Halloween season and stay safe! (Stay safe from the goblins, the ghosts, the werewolves, but especially that virus!)


Written by Gelsey Plaza


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