We are beyond excited to share with you our new KidzShake VEGAN shake powder! You and your family will fall in love with our first ever Vegan powder. Packed with the plant based power of pea, hemp and pumpkin protein KidzShake VEGAN will be your new favorite nutritional powder that will provide your whole family with clean, delicious fuel throughout those busy days.

Plant based protein options have been in high demand, as many of us are becoming conscientious of the amazing health benefits that a plant based diet can offer.

Here are some health benefits of plant based protein powders:
+They’re more easily digestible, and, thus, may not cause as much bloating, upset stomachs or gas
+They’re lower in cholesterol and sodium than animal protein sources
+They’re far less likely to contain unnecessary ingredients
+They’re an anti-inflammatory

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), around 65 percent of us have some trouble digesting lactose after infancy, that’s a lot of people! Plant-based proteins are an excellent alternative to dairy and animal proteins, and they can be extremely beneficial for anyone facing digestive problems. They contain natural fiber and digestive enzymes, therefore helping to ease digestion and absorption. Thus, they can help leave your stomach relaxed and satisfied.

We know that there could be a concern about not getting in all of your vitamins and nutrients on a plant based diet. Vegan diets especially must pay special attention to vitamin B12, vitamin D, calcium, iron, protein, and fiber. That’s where our vegan shake comes to the rescue! Our KidzShake VEGAN is a complete multivitamin, with methylated vitamin B-12, methylated folate, probiotics, and fiber. This shake also contains all nine essential amino acids, which are ones that our body is unable to produce on its own and must obtain from dietary sources. Oh, and did we mention 10 grams of protein per serving?! KidzShake VEGAN is a perfect way to get in all of those vitamins and nutrients. In addition, KidzShake VEGAN contains your daily dose of 12 superfoods in each serving!

To pack even more of a punch, we used not only one plant based protein in our Kidzshake VEGAN, but three! Having a variety maximizes nutrients and vitamins. Our blend contains pea, hemp and pumpkin protein, and each of them offers some amazing health benefits.

Here’s a little rundown for you:
Pea Protein:
+Supports a healthy heart
+Aids in muscle recovery
+Regulates blood sugar
Hemp Protein:
+Loaded with healthy omega fatty acids and fiber
+Increases heart health
+Decreases osteoporosis risk
+Boosts immune system
Pumpkin Protein:
+One of the best sources of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant
+Great source of fiber
+Helps regulate blood pressure

Right now, our KidzShake VEGAN comes in a yummy European chocolate flavor. You get to indulge your chocolate cravings without any of the sugar AND all of the nutrients! Order your KidzShake VEGAN now and start your day off right!

Written by Gelsey Plaza

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  1. Karen says:

    I would like to try this for my great granddaughter, she can’t hardly eat anything with out breaking out with Wets and eyes swelling up she has this epicpen to carry around, I just try and watch her food intake.

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