The Science is IN and the Gummies are OUT!

What's Really in Your Child's Gummy Vitamins?

What's So Bad about Gummies?

1. The material used for the gummies often sticks to children’s teeth. This, along with the sugar coating that is used is linked to the increase in children’s cavities.

2. Children are already over-consuming added sugar in their diet. Adding more sugar to their diet is not helpful.

3. The amount of sugar listed on a gummy label is misleading. The material used to make the gummy is a sugar that is often listed as a carbohydrate, most materials are gelatin or syrups of one type or another, that are complex sugars.

4) Gummy vitamins are 95% gummy and only 5% vitamins. Children aren’t deficient in gummy! The amount of nutrients that you can include in gummy vitamins is limited by the gummy itself.

5) The manufacturing process limits what nutrients can be used in a gummy. Gummies undergo a high heat process that can destroy many nutrients. Vitamin A is very sensitive to heat, and Calcium is challenging to include in gummies, so companies leave it out, even though its essential to children developing strong bones and teeth.

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