I LOVE Halloween!  I love the pumpkins, the cooler weather and falling leaves, and the opportunity to dress up as whatever you want for a night!  What I DON’T LOVE is all of the sugar that my kids bring home.  Maybe I’m the mean mom, but I don’t let my kids keep it all. They can choose a few pieces and the rest goes to the candy jar at my husband’s office or out of the house in some other way.


Instead of giving out candy I like to give out small toys, stickers, etc..

I do this for a few reasons:

  1. Less sugar= better health (not to mention fewer cavities)!
  2. Non-candy prizes are allergy-free and friendly to all.
  3. It’s easy to find little toys and prizes at almost any store now and they are inexpensive (especially at a party store like Zurchers).
  4. I get to be creative!






Here are a few of my favorite non-candy halloween ideas this year.  Note:  you don’t have to attach them to anything or come up with a clever saying… you can just give out the prizes as they are and the kids will LOVE them!

Stickers.  Kids LOVE stickers, at least mine do, and you can find the cutest little halloween sticker packs at the Target dollar section right now.

Glow sticks.  These are not only a fun toy but they can also help those traveling on Halloween see your child better as they are trick-or-treating.

Insects.  This may be my favorite halloween pun of all time, haha.  My kids also think its fun to hide these rubber insects around the house and watch me scream when I come across one.

Pencils, pens, crayons.  Never underestimate the hype that comes from a new pencil, especially one with a cool design.

Bubbles.  I know, bubbles are usually the mortal enemy of all parents, but I’d take bubbles any day over more candy. Plus, these are small bottles which means they only have a small life-span.

Spiders.  See insect post for why my kids love these.

Other punny ideas…

Rubber balls: “Hope you have a BALL this Halloween”

Vampire Teeth:  ‘Have a FANGTASTIC Halloween!”

Pumpkin eraser, toy, etc..: “Life is GOURD.”

Halloween Straws: “Eat, drink, and BE SCARY.”

Confetti Popper: “Let’s get this party STARTLED!”

Small Puzzle:  “Rest in PIECES.”

Mummy toy, stamp, etc..:  “get WRAPPED up in the Halloween Spirit.”

Skeleton:  “No BODY is better than you!”

Pirate Eye Patch: “ARGHHH’nt you glad it’s Halloween?”

More great prizes that you can buy in bulk at your local party store…

  1. Small magnifying glasses
  2. Sticky hands
  3. Ball mazes
  4. Small notepads, colorings books, etc..
  5. Musical instruments
  6. Toy animals
  7. Rings
  8. Finger traps (I feel like there is a good “trick” pun in there somewhere…)
  9. Flashlights
  10. Water shooters
  11. Stamps
  12. Slinkies
  13. Yo-Yo’s
  14. Whistles (although parents may hate you for that one)
  15. Witches Fingers


that you can find literally dozens of halloween prizes at your nearest Target, Walmart, party store, and online for a good price! And, if you are trying to make healthier versions of your favorite halloween treats, don’t forget to use our KidzShake powder!  KidzShake is filled with protein, probiotics, vitamins, and minerals with NO ADDED SUGAR.  To see some of our favorite KidzShake recipes, click here.

Happy Haunting!

whitney olsen

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