I love Valentine’s day. I love the pink hearts, the glitter, the cheesy sentiments, and the homemade cards from my little ones. What I don’t love about Valentine’s day is all the SUGAR that enters our home and diet. I know that its tradition to exchange valentines at school and among friends, but I wish more of those valentines were candy-free.

I have come up with 5 non-candy valentines that are inexpensive, fun, easy to find, and fun to make!












You can purchase these small cars at any dollar store or even in packs at a party supply store. The green car I attached came in a two-pack for $1 at Target.


This valentine is made with heart-shaped chalk I found in a 12-pack for $2.99 at Target. You could replace the chalk with a cute pencil, pen, crayon, or marker!


This valentine is my favorite one that I made, its just so cute and non-traditional. You can purchase an assorted pack of small animals (which usually includes 12-24 pieces) at any craft store. Always check the craft store app or website because most craft stores have online coupons for 40-50% off one item- bonus!


I just love these little packs of bubbles, they are adorable! I found this pack of 24 bubbles for $3 at Target. Most party supply stores also have small bubbles in bulk, they may come like this or a in a small bottle.


I made this valentine for my child’s teacher this year. I used an EOS lip balm egg, but you could use any shape of chapstick if you wanted (a tube of chapstick could be made to look like a stick of dynamite) especially if you wanted to buy a 5-pack and make these for multiple teachers. Because this valentine is a little more costly, I wouldn’t make it for a class full of 25-30 students, but this would also be a great valentine for teenagers to give to their group of friends.



I hope that this gives you some ideas and inspiration for a candy-free valentines. Have a very happy love day!

whitney olsen

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