An active lifestyle IS AN ESSENTIAL PART of being healthy.   Here’s a quick refresher.


The Benefits of being active:

  1. Improves moods and emotional wellbeing
  2. Strengthens muscles and bones
  3. Less likely to be overweight and have complications from being overweight
  4. Sleep better at night
  5. Improved ability to learn at school


However I have some big concerns when it comes to kids, sports and food. I cringe when I see parents handing out Poptarts before the game.  Then it’s Oreos, powdered donuts and sugary Gatorade at half time for an energy boost and MacDonalds on the way home.


Here are the facts:

  • According to the University of Minnesota of Public Health, an 8-year-old child burns 150 calories per hour of sport being played.
  • estimates that a 75 lb kids burns 400 Calories/hour playing basketball, 300 calories per hour playing soccer and 200 calories per hour swimming.
  • Yes, sugar can provide energy: but too much sugar leads to weight issues, inflammation, mood changes and tooth decay.


Treats given out before, during and after the game usually EXCEED the maximum daily sugar recommendations as well as the calories burnt off during exercise.  And these calories are full of processed ingredients which are harmful to the body.


But I don’t like to focus just on calories.  What kids need is nutrients for their optimal performance.  Like the ones found in fruit,vegetables and KidzShake!


Here are my top tips for fuelling your active kids:



It is Important not to overload the digestive system with heavy food just before the game.  Food before activity should be light and easy to digest.  It’s best to eat and hour or so before activity instead of just before, which is not always possible with kids.  Healthy carbohydrates make you perform longer and harder.


Veggie sticks and hummus

Peanut butter on sliced banana

Wholegrain bread, almond butter, apple slices and cinnamon.

Fresh fruit

Apple sauce




Quartered oranges (can even freeze them before when hot game)

Sliced watermelon







Healthy trail mix






Protein helps muscles repair and recover faster. Plus it also satisfies hunger FAST. KidzShake Fruit Smoothies are my kids favorite post workout food.


Here are my Top 5 post game smoothie recipes:

Super Orange KidzShake

Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake on the Run!

Cherry Chia Recovery Smoothie

Banana Berry KidzShake

Acai Recovery Bowl



For more great healthy Sports snacks, check out our Game Day Snacks Pinterest Board.



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