What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Bacteria? Is it germs, sickness, or something else equally terrible? It’s true, bacteria can be harmful but did you know that not all bacteria is bad for you? In fact, certain bacteria can actually keep us healthier! Yup, that’s right! Probiotics are bacteria that line our digestive tract and support our body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. Our body contains about the same number of gut bacteria molecules as it does cells for the rest of our body, so can you imagine then how important our gut is to our overall health!


Our skin and digestive system alone host about 2,000 different types of bacteria. Probiotics have been proven to provide countless benefits including:
+Supporting immune function
+Reducing inflammation
+Promoting healthy digestion
+Maintaining beautiful skin
These benefits are even greater when combined with prebiotics.


Our bodies contain probiotics from the time we are born! However, due to today’s refrigeration and agricultural practices, like soaking our foods with chlorine, much of our food contains little to no probiotics. Unfortunately, many of our foods contain dangerous antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria in our bodies. Some of the top probiotic killers include: sugar, GMO foods, inflammatory gluten, overuse of prescription antibiotics, poor sleeping habits and emotional stress. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, 60-70 million Americans are affected by digestive disease! Why do so many of us suffer digestive problems? Well, every day we’re exposed to toxins and inflammation-causing molecules from our food and our environment, which all negatively impact our digestion.


Probiotics are important for all of us to help keep our gut flora nice and happy. But they can be extra beneficial for children, especially during the school year when they are in close proximity with many other kids. (Is the germ monster popping into your head yet?) Since germs spread especially quick among schoolchildren, they create quite a vicious cycle that wreaks havoc on tiny immune systems. That’s where probiotics can come to the rescue! They can keep your child’s body healthy in many ways, including:

+Decreasing the number of bacteria in the gut that can cause infections or inflammation.

+Help relieve constipation, acid reflux, diarrhea symptoms and flatulence.
And we all know that kids are not happy campers with upset stomachs! (And neither are the parents!)


So we have good news for you! Our Kidzshake PLUS contains 1 billion probiotics with 14 different strains, and our Kidzshake Classic contains digestive enzymes and 4 billion probiotics with 3 different strains. And don’t forget that all of our Kidzshake powders are gluten free, sugar free, and GMO-free. Kidzshake supports digestive health and boosts immune function. So with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, you and your family will sure love Kidzshake and want to have it everyday–especially in smoothie form! Afterall, a happy, healthy gut helps to make a happy, healthy child!


Written by Gelsey Plaza




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