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KidzShake PLUS Strawberry Saver

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Premium Nutrition for kids ages 2 to teens.


This is our Best Value KidzShake PLUS Deal! Plus it’s the most cost-effective shipping for our Canadian Friends.


Get 3 STRAWBERRY PLUS shakes in one amazing deal!


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What does the PLUS mean?


The PLUS refers to addition of a 12 SUPERFOOD BOOST and Methylated B 12 and folate (L- methyl folate).

It is estimated that unto 40% of the population are unable to convert unmethylated folate and Vitamin B12 to its active form in the body due to an MTHFR genetic mutation. These vitamins play an important role in emotional and mental health.  MTHFR genetic mutations have  been linked with anxiety, depression, autism spectrum and ADHD.  Supplementation with methylated B vitamins can help those with the MTHFR mutation.


How is it different from KidzShake CLASSIC?


– The first thing you and your kids will notice will be the NEW IMPROVED flavors.  Mothers of picky eaters love KidzShake, but their kids are  going to love this shake even more!

– It is more affordable.  We want to make KidzShake accessible to as many moms as possible.  KidzShake PLUS has milk products that are from Grass fed cows and are free from growth hormones (rBGH free).  KidzShake Classic contains organic whey and it is consequently at a higher price point.

– KidzShake PLUS contains a superfood boost.  We are trying to sneak in as much goodness as we can into every KidzShake!

– KidzShake PLUS contains methylated folate and B12 for those with kids with methylation issues.

– Kidzshake CLASSIC contains digestive enzymes and 4 Billion Probiotics (3 different strains).  KidzShake PLUS contains 1 Billion Probiotics (14 different strains).


DISCLAIMER:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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