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Healthy, easy, sugar-free way to supplement kids with:

  • minerals + vitamins
  • probiotics + fiber for healthy digestion
  • enzymes
  • omega-3s


  • Blends seamlessly into any meal or snack, so even picky eaters won’t taste it
  • Non GMO
  • Made in a facility that is Nut free, Soy Free, Gluten Free + Egg Free
  • Approved by Doctors and Dentists– no sticky gelatin and sugar to cause dental cavities
  • 4 Billion cfu Probiotic Blend to support immune system and digestive health
  • Great value, 90 day supply in each bottle!!




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It’s time to be freed from sugary gummy vitamins filled with artificial colors and flavors.


KidzSprinkles supplies your child with their daily supplementation of:

vitamins + minerals

probiotics + fiber

omega 3’s + enzymes


Just simply sprinkle on any meal prior to serving.

KidzSprinkles has no detectable taste on food, and is great value with 90 servings per bottle.

No sugar, no fillers, no synthetic colors, no artificial flavors.

KidzSprinkles is also 100% vegetarian and dairy free.


Made in a facility that is Nut free, Soy Free, Gluten Free + Egg Free


DISCLAIMER:  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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7 reviews for KidzSprinkles

  1. Amy

    I am a dental hygienist and a mother of 4. I was tired of all the sugar found in the children’s multi-vitamins. I am delighted to have a perfect option to add to my children’s meals to give them that boost of nutrition they need, and they don’t even notice! Thank you Dr Rach!

  2. Nicole

    My 5 year old is the fussiest of eaters, I was always stressed that she wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed. Since finding kidz sprinkles (and shakes for that matter) I stress alot less. I sprinkle this onto her dinner every night and she has no idea – love it!
    Since discovering kidz shake products we have had less sickness in our home, my kids immune system has improved so much.
    Very grateful and happy customer ♡

  3. Amanda

    My children love this product. They love to do it themselves and feel so good knowing they are being healthy! They ask for it! We usually have it at breakfast or dinner just sprinkle on whatever they are eating. I love how easy it is and that they are such better quality vitamins than the usual gummy variety! And better for their teeth.

  4. Catherine (verified owner)

    I love that I can give my children a healthy dose of nutrition without having for force down a multivitamin! As a mother of several picky eaters, I can relax knowing they are getting a healthy boost. And the best thing of all is that my kids don’t complain because they never even know! ❤️ Thank you!

  5. Mallory

    Really thankful for these as my toddler is extremely picky and eats no fruits, vegetables or dairy. He won’t even look at a chewable vitamin or gummy, so I was so happy to find these. I add to his pb&j sandwich and he doesn’t notice. I worry about his nutrition and this gives me peace of mind.

  6. Gail

    My son is mildly Autistic and he is very sensitive to tastes. This product provides his nutritional needs, and he doesn’t really realize it’s there it has no flavor so it blends in easily with his chocolate milk.

  7. Gail Korfiatis (verified owner)

    My son is mildly Autistic, KidzShake gives him his nutrition and it mixes into his chocolate milk easily.

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