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As a fit mom, I typically think of fitness and nutrition for myself. But when it comes to the kiddos, you really ought to think about their health and nutrition just as much. After all, making healthy habits should begin at a young age! However, thanks to all the gimmicky products and foods out there, our kids are constantly hooked on SUGAR which not only leads to obesity and type 2 Diabetes, but also daily sluggishness and increases risk of tooth decay-yuck.  I was recently introduced to Kidzshake for my nearly 3 year old son. Since I focused so much on my health, I figured it was time to start focusing on his health as well!  I am so glad that I found Kidzshake!! My son has always loved traditional milkshakes, but they were always packed with tons of filthy sugar and not enough benefits so I had stopped giving them to him. Since trying Kidzshake for a week now, his energy levels seem to have improved, he is not as constipated anymore, he listens and focuses a lot better, and he even sleeps better at night. That alone is enough to win me over! It is almost like a treat for him-a good one-and I have no guilt about it.




My fear was that my picky eaters might not be getting the the proper amount nutrition that they need – both micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (proteins, carbs and fats). As a nutrition coach and fitness professional, I know that protein is essential for healthy kids to grow and develop, so I began a hunt for a kid-friendly nutritional shake and them is when i discovered KidzShake. Why do we love it?  Great energy booster, jam packed with nutrients to make your kids healthier, boosts your natural immune system, full of disease fighting antioxidants,  fast and easy.  KidzShake gives kids all the vitamins and nutrients they need in one easy and delicious shake. By using KidzShake for breakfast and as an afternoon snack, I can significantly reduce my kids’ sugar intake and improve their health.




I love love love kidzshake! I have an autistic granddaughter who is the pickiest eater ever and most days her “shakes” are the only nutrition she gets. It is the main staple in her diet and we noticed immediate improvements in her disposition and concentration when she started drinking them. Every flavor is delicious! i am so grateful to Dr. Rach for making something so healthy for kids.

Barbara Stuart


My Kids love KidzShake because is so tasty.  I love KidzShake because it is so healthy.  We love to use it in our morning smoothies and making it into popsicles is a summer favorite.

Glory Harris


My kids love love love the chocolate! Everyday when they see me drinking my protein shake they ask for their shake too and I gladly give it to them, knowing how healthy it is for them. We love Kidzshake!

Annie @aejamba


KidzShake has become part of my family’s morning routine.  My kids love to make their own creations with loads of different fruit and sometimes I can even get some spinach in there.  I love knowing that i have sent my kids off to school with a great breakfast and all the supplementation they need for the day!



I am so excited to find your product as my son is 12 years old with Down syndrome and had heart repair at 2 1/2 months old.  As we are very big into health and fitness in our family he has been extremely healthy all around. We were using ovaltine and banana and other fruit with milk but I was still not satisfied with its nutritional value as a breakfast shake. Now I am thrilled that he is getting a yummy nutritional protein breakfast shake like the rest of us each morning to start his day off right!!!

I did a lot of research and I am confident that your product is the best thing out there for his age group!!!

Thanks again!

Francine Chase


If you have picky eaters in your household, this is truly a gift from the gods. I want to make sure my children consume adequate amounts of protein (from healthy sources) to provide their growing bodies with the nutrients they need— this product does the trick. With whey from grass-fed cows (score!) and no sucralose, aspartame, or other harmful sweeteners (double score!) this is product that I feel 100% comfortable giving to my children (and to myself!) I also use it as a supplement to support my strength and weight training goals and activities. I haven’t found a cleaner protein supplement on the market yet. A win-win for all the peeps in my house!

Amy Turner


@kidzshake wanted to say thank you for great shakes!  My 5 year old daughter has been in the 22% weight for her age for a while now.  We came across your shakes and decided to give them a try.  My daughter loved them straight away and she has been drinking them for 2 months now and has already picked up 5 lbs.  We are so excited that it has helped her pick up the weight she needs and she loves them 😉

Kimmie Hammons


I’ll be honest, I have a hard time finding nutritious options for my 4 kids each morning on their way out the door to school. Kidzshake has made my mornings so much easier and healthier! My kids love it and I love it! Thank you Dr Rach!

Amy G.


I’m so glad I found this! My daughter had been drinking pediasure every morning (can’t get her to eat breakfast!) and I’ve been wanting to find a healthier replacement, since pediasure is loaded with sugar and other crap ingredients. This stuff is so much healthier. It’s got protein and the vitamins without the sugar, oils and processed stuff. And it tastes yummy!



I can’t rave enough about this product! I’ve told all my friends and family about it. I’ve found something healthy that my kids actually ask for on a daily basis – my husband loves it too! Kidz shake is now a staple in our house….THANK YOU

Nicole H


Our family loves this stuff. It is funny because my wife, who is the pickiest of us all, even looks forward to this. We mix this with milk, ice, and a banana. It’s awesome.

The flavor is similar to a chocolate protein shake but with less of the protein flavor. There are 10 grams of protein per 2 scoop serving so don’t expect this to be your protein shake replacement…this is for kids anyway so they don’t need to be taking in protein is massive amounts like adults who are trying to gain muscle.

Another good aspect of this nutritional shake is that when we don’t use the blender, we are able to mix this with our blender bottles. No lumps! This is a definite plus because there is nothing I dislike more than drinking a shake and getting a lump! yuck.

The nutritional make up of this drink is solid. 90 calories per serving with only 4 grams of carbs. This is rockin. I especially like the fact that the actual protein portion is organic. This also has all the nutrients you will need for the day. It is a great compromise between a smoothie and a protein shake.

Overall, I would easily recommend this for a child (or wife…or husband haha) who is picky but would like a nutritional drink. It’s got awesome flavor.



This is a Godsend. I searched far and wide and couldn’t find a gluten free, lactose free , sugar free shake. So happy i stumbled across this product. Not only is it healthy but it is so tasty. It is so good i have it for breakfast every morning blended with 1/2 a banana and white chia seeds. I LOVE IT!! Cannot recommend this product highly enough.



My favorite product EVER hands down! I’m a health coach and this is a fabulous product at a good price! It is full of protein and low in carbs and no sugar added! My kids Love it! They have it for a quick breakfast or after school snack. I feel great knowing they are fueling their bodies in a healthy way. It is good for their bones and muscle and will keep their blood sugar more even! Love it!!

Amanda O.


My family LOVE kidzshakes!! My kids will ask for a kidzshake 2-3 times a day!! I love to add nuts and greens! I am so happy to have found something healthy and nutritious that all four of my kids love!

Sally Crosbie


My kids love love love the chocolate! Everyday when they see me drinking my protein shake they ask for their shake too and I gladly give it to them, knowing how healthy it is for them. We love Kidzshake!



We love Vanilla Kidzshake! As a mum of 5 kids, I love that I can make something quick, healthy and filling for my kids before school. We love to add things like oats, almonds, chia, banana, berries, or greens to boost our smoothies. This is my kids new favourite breakfast!



The first shake I made was simple. Just a typical chocolate milk smoothie- I used my whisk and had a perfect blend in 45 seconds of hand whisking. This is not like mixing chocolate milk, you really have to get in there to blend. A blender or ninja would work great! We use our ninja! They also provide a website with tons of fun recipes!! My sons liked their plain chocolate shake but weren’t crazy about it (they didn’t ask for seconds lol!) I went to the website and found a recipe, after adding some bananas and strawberries, they were in LOVE! They couldn’t get enough! If you’re worried your child may not like this, follow the recipes and I’m sure there’s something you can find! I am giving this product 5 stars! The ingredients are great, packaged great, directions are very straight forward and the product is amazing!!! I feel much better about replacing my sons’ breakfast with this healthy shake! Now I know that they are getting essential vitamins and proteins and I have more time in the morning!

Nicole Rae


My daughter loves her KidzShake and I love that she can have a healthy breakfast or snack that can support her immune system and development – with no nasties! And after tasting KidzShake I understand why she loves it! It’s delicious!

Jasmyn Johnson


KidzShake is incredible! I’ve been drinking it every morning for the past 3 months and I never get bored with it. So many things you can do and recipes you can try! I love making a smoothie with lots of greens in it and then the chocolate shake because it tastes like a chocolate milkshake and it’s DELICIOUS!!



My 4 children (ages 2-10) and I all love Kidzshake! My children are very picky eaters and borderline underweight. The pediatrician recently advised that my children needed to gain some weight. My kids love smoothies & milkshakes, so I wanted to add some healthy protein. But I hated all the sugar in other common “instant breakfast” products, and I was concerned about formulas of adult protein powders. So finding Kidzshake solved so many of my problems! My kids love it in a smoothie mixed with strawberries, greek yogurt & orange juice. My 6 year old has already gained 2 pounds, much to the pediatrician’s delight!! 🙂 So far we have tried vanilla and strawberry. Also, the company has great customer service. They are quick, responsive, helpful and friendly. Great product and great company.



I am so pleased to have discovered kidzshake. It certainly is a high quality product which provides my children with good nutrition. They love it!

Lynda Wilson






I love that I can give my children a healthy dose of nutrition without having for force down a multivitamin! As a mother of several picky eaters, I can relax knowing they are getting a healthy boost. And the best thing of all is that my kids don’t complain because they never even know! Thank you!