THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living.


For anyone that joined my #tiptop2019 challenge last week, I hope you are loving all your salads. All those fresh veggies giving you loads of nutrient packed energy for the Holiday season! I love to add roasted veggies to my winter salads with some lovely toasted pumpkin seeds for crunch.


This week, my next healthy habit is drinking enough water.


Drinking enough water is SOOOO important because:
+It helps eliminate your toxins.
+It protects your joints.
+It maximise your physical performance
+It improves your cognitive function ie focus, alertness and short term memory
+It can help you lose weight
+It improves your digestion
+It can help boost energy


It’s amazing that one simple change in your lifestyle can reap so many benefits.


How much water should we all be drinking?
There are loads of fancy ways to work out your water consumption, but I like to keep it simple and use the 8 x 8 rule which can work for most people. Drink eight, eight ounce (250 mL) glasses a day (about 2 Litres) and add another 1 glass for every 30 minutes of vigorous exercise. If you are still thirsty after drinking this much water or live in a particularly hot or humid climate, please listen to your body and drink more.


We all have good intentions when it comes to drinking enough water…but life gets busy and we get distracted. Here are a few tricks I am using to make sure I get enough water in every day.


+When I wake up, drink a glass of water first thing.
+I am taking a water bottle with me everywhere.
+I have set alarms on my phone (or you could use a watch) that trigger me to drink a glass of water.
+I am using my fitbit app to track water consumption.
+I am drinking at least one cup of unsweetened Herbal Tea at night.
+I am spicing up my water with some citrus slices, mint leaves or apple slices.


Let me know if you have any great tips to help with your water consumption and good luck with your next healthy habit this week. Also check out my Pinterest board for some yummy healthy water recipes.


Bye Now!

Doctor Rach


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