I love being active, and so do my 4 daughters.  It shocks me that drinks designed to support athletic performance are LOADED with processed sugars and chemicals.  I needed to come up with a better option.  I have put my love, heart and passion into SportzPure, the no-compromise way to fuel your active lifestyle.


–Doctor Rach


Healthy living involves more than just eating healthy– it includes being active too. One of my favorite ways to get my kids active is through team sports.  As parents we want our kids to play sports to be healthy, right?


That’s why it astounds me when I see kids consuming junk food on the sidelines: neon-colored beverages, candy, sugar-laden granola bars, chips, Pop-Tarts and sometimes even cupcakes.  This is a vast difference from the water bottles and oranges I grew up snacking on when I played sports.


Athletes of all ages need to replenish electrolytes and energy when working out intensely, to replace what’s lost through sweating. Let’s talk about those sports drinks typically used.




Why sports drinks do more harm than good and the solution:

Problem 1: Sugar is the primary ingredient.

A typical bottle of Powerade or Gatorade can pack a punch of 28 grams of sugar— that’s 7 teaspoons of sugar per serving! The WHO suggests to limit sugar consumption to no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day. This figure is even less for kids: 3-5 teaspoons max per day.  (In Powerade it is actually High Fructose Corn Syrup.) Sugar leads to tooth decay, inflammation, diabetes, obesity and can lead to overeating.  The high levels of fructose can overload the liver and raise trigylceride levels. SportzPure uses a natural sugar alternative of Stevia Leaf Extract and coconut palm sugar to provide healthy energy that supports performance while avoiding the pitfalls of sugar excess.


Problem 2: CALORIES!

The calories in sports drinks mainly come from sugar.  Many people call sugar ‘empty calories’ because they contain no nutrients, but I actually like to call them harmful calories. According to the University of Minnesota of Public Health, an 8-year-old child burns 150 calories per hour of sport being played, but during the game a child is often given 300-500 calories in snacks. Sports drinks are usually half these calories. Obviously this is a problem, especially when we have an obesity epidemic. That’s why I developed SportzPure to contain only half the calories of traditional sports drinks.


Problem 3: Synthetic food dyes/colors.

Food dyes are so detrimental to your health that in the European Union, any food or beverage containing them must have a warning to inform consumers of the health risks.  These petroleum-based chemicals such as Red 40, Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 are contained in about 90% of all drinks.  They do nothing to improve the flavor, only giving the beverage the bright neon color.  These synthetic food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity, other behavioural problems in kids and are also contaminated with known carcinogens.  No way are these chemicals being consumed by my family.  SportzPure gets its lovely orange color from oranges!


Problem 4: Artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners include: saccharin, acesulfame, aspartame, neotame and sucralose.  These chemicals have no calories, so they may appear to be a healthy choice but they have been associated with cancer (further studies are needed) and type II  diabetes. They are addictive and can lead to increased appetite. SportzPure does not use any artificial sweeteners.


The solution? SportzPURE.

SportzPURE helps to rehydrate the natural way.  We use coconut water powder to naturally replenish electrolytes. Plus, SportzPure comes in sachets to use in a reusable bottle to help reduce plastic bottle waste.  


Click here to try SportzPURE for you and your littles!  




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