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There have been quite a few changes underway and we're excited that we can finally share them with you. 

KidzShake is excited to be joining the Healthy Heights family of nutritional products for children. We've always believed in providing kids with the healthiest options out there, without having to spend a ton of time and money in the kitchen. By teaming up with Healthy Heights we'll be able to reach even more families and bring them more options when it comes to their children's health. 

Don't worry, the KidzShake mix you know, and love isn't going anywhere, but like your kids we're growing up. The only difference for you, is that you’ll now be able to purchase your favorite Kidzshake items exclusively at or via our Amazon store. 

We’ve got even more exciting things to come, so make sure you’re following us and @healthyheight on Instagram to see what’s in store.


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